Poof! No More Hefty Power Bills with these AC Energy Saving Hacks!

Poof! No More Hefty Power Bills with these AC Energy Saving Hacks!

Poof! No More Hefty Power Bills with these AC Energy Saving Hacks!


With the sun betting the ranch on its scorching heat to mark the peak of summer, the electricity department is also betting big to take a toll on our lives. And while it’s easy to blame our ACs for causing that huge hit on our wallets, we do know the repercussions of living without an AC – a situation probably as bad as living without a shelter!

So, what’s the way out? Well, we researched twenty-four-seven with our AT Services AC experts to dig up ways that can help save energy. And here’s what we found- ‘ The Ultimate AC Energy Saving Hacks ’ that we now swear by! Check out the deets:

Hack #1: Nights be the best!

AC energy saving hacks

During the night, you don’t need the same level of conscious cool. Try increasing the temperature (so that the AC is running less) while you enjoy your deep sleep!

Hack #2: No more peeking!

AC energy saving hacks

While the AC’s on and you’re chilling in the breezy room, avoid opening the doors of your room. You don’t want a gush of warm air to get inside, increasing the room’s temperature and making the AC run longer (not to mention- the chills you get after you receive your bills)



Hack #3: The ‘just right temperature’

AC energy saving hacks

We understand how tempting it is to lower the temperature, but a thermostat setting of 23°C – 25°C provides enough comfort. In fact, keeping lower settings increases compressor run time and of course your electricity bill!

Hack #4: Rearrange your furniture.

AC energy saving hacks

We sometimes end up cooling the bottom of the bed, or the back of a chair because they might be obstructing air conditioning vents. And while we know how charged up you are to cool anything and everything in this hot weather, we’d suggest you to hold right back; be a li’l selfish and direct the breeze towards yourself to avoid power wastage.

Hack #5: The magic of clean filters.

AC energy saving hacks

And in case you’re a coolness freak and use your AC quite regularly, it is suggested that you also clean your filters every two weeks. Clean filters allow smooth airflow to the coils and cool down the room quickly, resulting in more power savings (and of course more bucks in that never-loaded penny bank of yours)!

Well, with this list of hacks handy we hope you’re excited to go back and try them out yourself! And in case you’re one step ahead of us and can add to this list, go ahead and jot them down in the comments below.

Till then, Happy Saving! 

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