General Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning – Know the Difference

General Cleaning vs. Deep Cleaning – Know the Difference

Keeping your house in order can be an incredibly laborious task. And to make matters worse, everything you clean gets dirty again in what seems like no time at all. Having to scrub out all those sink stoppers, exhaust fan blades, dish racks and other gunk laden nooks and crannies in addition to the basic cleaning you do everyday can make you want to give up even before starting. But, as always, we are here to help – find out how basic cleaning is different from deep cleaning so you can decide what is best suited for your house.


What they are?

General cleaning involves giving your house the once-over with various standard cleaning products. On the other hand, the deep cleaning process is all about paying attention to the smallest details and giving your whole place a thorough shakedown, including dirt removal and even disinfection using specialized cleaning products and anti-bacterial sprays. While general cleaning takes less time to get done, deep cleaning can take much longer and might involve multiple sessions over a few days.


The cleaning products used and the procedures involved

General cleaning involves the following:

  • Deodorizing and cleaning of toilets, tubs, sinks, showers, etc.
  • Gentle wiping down of cabinets, countertops and appliances in the kitchen.
  • Dusting the furniture, lights, etc.
  • Vacuuming the carpets and floor.

Deep cleaning involves the following:

A complete rub-down (descaling, vacuuming and scrubbing) of showers, taps, wash basins, tiles, mirrors, lofts, skirtings, etc. in the bathroom.

  • In the kitchen, getting out nasty, tough stains on the chimney, cabinets, sinks, appliances, and shining surfaces with polish.
  • Extensive dusting, vacuuming and mopping of curtains, floors, carpets, windows, woodwork, glasswork, lightings, switches and every corner/crevice in various rooms.
  • Our professionals use safety-tested, non-toxic Tsaki chemicals for deep cleaning. Sofas are brushed with a solution and then vacuumed for removal of the dirty water. They will remain moist for a few hours after this treatment.
  • We do not clean refrigerators, oven interiors, personal cupboards, and kitchen utensils.


Which one should you opt for and when?

 You can call for general cleaning services every week, fortnight or month, depending on your requirements (the size of your house, the area in which you live, the number of members and pets in your family are all important factors in this regard). Deep cleaning services are best for when you are moving to a new house, planning to host a party, expecting a child, were away for a long time (holidays), etc. It is best to have them done at least once every three to six months.

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