5 Easy Hacks to Reduce Electric Bill Cost

5 Easy Hacks to Reduce Electric Bill Cost

There are some times (maybe always) when shocking electrical bills knock on your door and all you want to do is escape it. Electricity bills are inevitable but can be cut down to an extent, with some simple changes in your routine. Here are some superb hacks to reduce your electric bill cost.


Unplug at Night

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This is the first and most basic thing to follow! Unplug or switch off appliances/chargers/extension cords and more when they are not in use. Some of these pull on a lot of power through the night if not unplugged.

Install LED Everywhere

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LEDs might be expensive to purchase but are cheap in the long run. They last longer than other bulbs and need less power to function. 

Check AC Filters

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These filters play a major role in the functioning of AC. If the filters are not checked and cleaned regularly, it not only damages the AC but also drains more power and doesn’t function well. Call an expert home and have your AC serviced regularly.

Fill the Freezer

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When you open the freezer, cold air escapes – this means it has to consume more power to produce more cold air. You can lock the air inside by filling it up with ice bags or newspaper. But make sure it’s not too much as it might stop the air circulation.

Install Solar Water Heater

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Geysers/water heaters consume a lot of power and shoot up the bill easily. Hence, installing a solar water heater is the easiest and the most effective way to cut down your electricity bill. 


These hacks will not only save you from those shocking attacks you get every month but will also save your money. Have any other hacks that you’ve tried and tested? Let us know in the comments below.

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